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Originally Posted by QuickSilver View Post
As to motive... Jay had motive to kill Hae in a fit of anger. The defense attorney raised that possibility but maybe not convincingly.
A fit of anger brought on by what? If Adnan's motive is weak sauce, then the closest thing to a motive anyone has come up with on Jay's part would be weak sauce in a homeopathic concentration. There have been ideas floating around about Hae planning to confront Jay about him cheating on Stephanie. That is just teenage drama, and there is no evidence that it's even true. As far as anyone can tell, Jay and Hae barely knew each other. Maybe there was something going on between them that none of their friends knew about, but that's fiction territory.

Also, Hae disappeared between leaving the school and the time she was supposed to pick up her cousin. Would she spend that time going to Jay's house and pick an argument with him? Or did he flag down her car?

I mean, it's not impossible. It just seems very far fetched.

On the other hand, there is certainly something strange about Jay. His reasons for why he agreed to help with the burial and cleanup don't make sense either, and basically come down to "well, Adnan asked me". And as VarlosZ said, there's really no good reason for Adnan to recruit Jay as an accomplice in the first place. So much about this case is already very far fetched. So who knows, I suppose.