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Originally Posted by Happy Lendervedder View Post
"Justice for all." It's got that whiff of patriotism, so just try making fun of it, with roots in lefty politics. It could be used in different contexts-- justice for the working mom, justice for Philando, justice for the factory worker, justice for the retiree fighting to make ends meet, justice for our vets, justice for the kid born with pre-existing conditions, justice for the immigrant.

The progressive & labor wing could incorporate "No justice, no peace" into the campaign and bring some teeth to the fight.

And it's vague enough that people would be able to read into it whatever motivates them. I think a lot of people feel like they're not getting a fair shake-- like other people are getting advantages in life, at work, economically, politically, institutionally, in the justice system, etc.-- so the theme of justice could be tailored in a way to address specific audiences or large swaths of people. You don't want it focused too much on the middle class, or whites, or blue collar workers, or progressives, etc. But hearing someone say "You deserve justice" could scratch an itch for almost anyone that hears it.

It could have some bite to it, but doesn't necessarily attack anyone in specific, because almost everyone at some point has felt institutionally slighted.

And after the childish shitshow that we'll have endured, it has a grown-up air about it. Plus it also has the potential to stir emotions-- 10,000 people at a campaign rally chanting "Justice!" could be a powerful tool.
The first thing a lot of people who hear "Justice For All" are going to think of is the much-hated SJW stereotype. I can already imagine the jokey memes flooding twitter, reddit & facebook.

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