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Originally Posted by pjacks View Post
Which makes me wonder, what would be the Democrats' version of MAGA? Just a rallying cry that encompasses the party's positions & hopefully sell a lot of hats? "Hope & Change" sounds laughably naive in retrospect, & "Stronger Together" & "I'm With Her" are fine platitudes but were even more useless in communicating Democratic policies.
"Stronger Together" and "I'm With Her" highlighted how narcissistic and out of touch Hillary is - they're the candidate saying "I'm great, you should follow me because I'm great," with overtones of "you should vote for my vagina-having-ness" in the second one. Meanwhile "Make America Great Again" talks about what Trump will do for you and the country, it isn't about Trump except as the instrument of that change. Trump wasn't short on self-aggrandizement, but he presented something more like "I'm great and I do things my own way and I'm going to do stuff for you people who get ignored and boost AMERICA" than "I'm qualified, I mean great, and the party says it's time for me to be elected, so go elect me because it's time to elect me". When Donald Trump, a guy who likes writing his name in giant gold letters, manages to come up with a less self-centered campaign slogan than you, it says a lot.

Or do you think the slogan ideas the party was floating in the email survey were decent? Are they capable of taking back the house with a rallying cry like "Democrats 2018: I Mean, Have You Seen the Other Guys?"
I mean, it's better than "It's her turn", which was seriously considered as a slogan by Clinton's campaign staff, but it's an awful idea to even consider. The biggest problem for Democrats in elections is generally low turnout, and a slogan that amounts to "We suck, we know we suck, but maybe the other guy sucks worse" doesn't exactly encourage turnout. Do the Democrats really have no positive message to send? I really don't get why they're so afraid of sending positive messages or actual policy positions, it generally works well in politics (Reagan, Bill, W, Obama all had success with it in recent elections).