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My assistant has just moved into the space adjacent to me, which was until very recently used as a lunch room. I guess some people have had a little difficulty comprehending that this is now someone else's office, and not a common space, because I am told that there is one woman who has made a habit of periodically ducking in there to cut her fingernails.

You know, just waltz right in the door, sit right down beside her, who is working away, and cut her fingernails into the trash. The offender, she says, explains that she feels too "self conscious" to cut her nails at her desk. (Offender is in the cubicle farm, which must not offer an appropriate level of privacy.)

Said assistant says that she doesn't know what to say in this situation. (It has evidently happened three times now, most recently this morning.

Personally, if it were my office, I'd just bluntly ask the person what the fuck they thought they were thinking. I had the impression, though, that my assistant thought it would be proper for me to approach the offender and remind her that it's not appropriate to use someone else's office as a place to do your personal grooming.

My more passive aggressive approach has been to relate the story to a couple of my favourite admin assistants: "Did you hear what Susan's been doing? WTF? Ha!" I'm sure it will get back to her quick enough; this is a small office.

Seriously, you have to wonder what the hell goes through people's heads.

ETA: Most people I have spoken to about this agree that nail paring is best done at home. Maybe in the bathroom, if it's unavoidable.

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