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Originally Posted by overlyverbose View Post
I can see the following problems with cutting your nails in public (other than my prudish Emily Post-esque sensibilities):

1. It's distracting. Most of the employees around here are call center and need a fairly quiet environment to do their work; having intermittent, irregular, loud clip noises is annoying. I imagine it'd be hard for others in a cube farm, even if there were other environmental noise - the sound of a nail clipper is hard to miss.

2. It's hard to catch all the clippings unless you have your hands very close to if not an inch or so in the trashcan. Having your hands in the trashcan is a little weird looking and others might be hesitant to shake your hand (if they have occasion to) if they've seen you with your hands in your wastebasket.

3. If you don't catch all the clippings, there will be random fingernail cuttings on your desk or the floor. If you have meetings at your desk, your co-workers will have to look at them; even if you don't, the cleaners will have to deal with them. I imagine they expect to see a certain amount of nasty in the bathroom, but probably don't expect to have to deal with such leftovers at someone's desk.

4. Many people eat at their desks. The thought of eating somewhere there have been fingernail clippings laying about (assuming you didn't do the deed with your hands in the trash) is kind of gross.
Pretty much my feelings exactly.