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Originally Posted by Larry Mudd View Post
Said assistant says that she doesn't know what to say in this situation. (It has evidently happened three times now, most recently this morning.

Personally, if it were my office, I'd just bluntly ask the person what the fuck they thought they were thinking. I had the impression, though, that my assistant thought it would be proper for me to approach the offender and remind her that it's not appropriate to use someone else's office as a place to do your personal grooming.
As i was reading your story, i had the exact same thought as your assistant. By mentioning it to you, and saying that she doesn't know what to do in this situation, she made it very clear that she was looking for some guidance, at least, and probably some active assistance from you.

Does the nail-clipper outrank your assistant? If so, it's easy to see why your assistant would be worried about direct confrontation. Does the nail-clipper outrank you? If not, i think it would be completely appropriate for you to help your assistant out here.

At the very least, you should make clear to your assistant that, if she asks the nail-clipper "What the fuck are you thinking?" and it leads to problems, you will support your assistant.

Just MHO.