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Buying your Magic the Gathering Card collections

For the past year now I've been dabbling a little in eBay selling whatever I could around the house. Dolls, magazines, electronics, coin collections. But what I enjoyed the most was Magic the Gathering. I've been playing, collecting, and trading M:TG cards off and on since I got into the game back in 1995. I love looking through collections, sorting cards. I've made a few dollars here and there. Nothing major. But it's good to have a hobby that brings in money rather than the reverse.

So my post here is to ask all past Magic the Gathering players who are interested in selling off their collection (or even just a portion of their collection) to sell to me. Basically what I'd want is
a) the (approximate) total number of cards you'd be selling.
b) Any highlights about the collection you'd care to point out.
c) What years you played/collected so I have a general sense of what I'll be getting.
d) card condition across the collection

For a general collection, I'll pay at a rate of 1 cent per card (or $10.00 per thousand). I find this tends to even itself out over the long run of commons that aren't worth anything and some of the "crap" rares that might generously be worth a quarter.
I'll pay your shipping too! If nothing else, it'll get some clutter out of your house and into mine!

Now if you feel you have a better collection than my bulk rate would suggest, I'll be glad to work on an individual basis to strike a fair deal.

You can reply here, or PM me, or we can work through private e-mail. Whatever you prefer. To let you all know, in order to protect myself I'm going to request that you ship first and I pay when the cards are received. After a decade of posting on this message board, I'm not about to ruin my reputation over a few dollars so I hope that you can trust me to keep to our agreement.

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for your interest!