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Yea, if anything a penny per card, no matter what the card is, is fairly generous. Most dealers won't touch commons at all, and the bulk rare rate is 10-15 cents per. If I were in his shoes I probably wouldn't offer that at all because 99.9% of commons have no value. Commons from long out of print sets and a handful of staple commons are the exception.

Planechase/Archenemy are virtually worthless because they're in print. The older Vanguard cards I've seen go for anywhere from $2-$10.

I've been considering eBaying a bunch of stuff recently, but eBay is such a huge pain to deal with. I'll put together a list of some stuff I was going to get rid of that I don't care about. Probably not much of my older stuff, but I have some newer stuff I can unload because I won't play with it. Plus I haven't popped my boxes of Scars of Mirrodin yet. If I get some hot cards that I don't see myself ever using, I could offload those.