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Originally Posted by jz78817 View Post
it's got to be a bug somewhere, e.g. a module didn't sleep and drained the battery. We have a Fusion Energi in my lab right now and I checked, when you turn the car on (w/o ICE running) the HV system lifts the 12V system to 13.5 volts. IIRC the '13-14 C-Max had some software issues causing 12V system run-down, don't know if the Fusion was affected too.
Thanks for checking. I'm pretty sure the Fusion was 2017. Most of what I read online from others was for the C-Max, so it could be the C-Max having an issue, the C-Max being more popular, or C-Max people being more vocal.

I chalk it up to growing pains, but if it happens to a real customer, I worry about their impression.