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Hmm, for an electric, I'd normally suggest just about any pedal tuner over a Snark. It doubles as a mute switch, too. I personally prefer the Boss, because they pretty much don't break.

Speaking of pedals, I got two rare/odd ones in the last month from Idiotbox effects. Mystery Effect #7, and Mystery Effect of the Month Club effect #3 (the Space Mod-Delay-Tor ). They're both delays. I thought ME #7 was a weird delay (and it is) until I got the Space Mod-Delay-Tor. Both are made using the PT2399 chip that lots of delays use. ME #7 has two of them, the Space Mod-Delay-Tor has one. The first is just a really pretty space-y sounding delay that sounds really nice, lets you have some control of the pitch of the modulation, is easy to drive into self-oscillation once you kind of figure out what the knobs to, and has no labels on the knobs. The second is a modulating delay, with emphasis on modulation. It allows you to control the rate of the modulation, and there's a knob labeled modulation that changes the modulation, but you're not getting rid of it. It almost sounds like it's arpeggiating the repeats, even on the mildest setting.

Here's a track at bandcamp that I made to demonstrate to one of my friends how the Mod-Delay-Tor sounds. It's crazy. They're both rare enough (only about 20 were slated to be made of each) and neat enough that I actually plan to make demo video of the two of them soon.

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