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For the gas generators: take a trip to an Asian market and look for dried seaweed. There will be many types, what you want is a "leaf" that looks like it could be used to shingle houses. It's called KOMBU. Put a two-inch piece in with the dried beans when you soak them overnight. Drain the beans the next morning, keeping the KOMBU with the beans. Add water, veggies, cook as usual. The KOMBU will disintegrate during cooking, and will make the beans more "digestible." Ahem.

If you can prowl around a local Mexican market, look for a dried herb EPAZOTE. It can bd either with other dried herbs, or even with the teas. It also tames the bean. Since it is a stronger flavored herb, it is best in more seasoned bean dishes. EPAZOTE can also be brewed as a tea for stomach woes.

The "pinch of baking soda" does nothing for potential gassiness, IMHO.