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"Willpower" is a bullshit term invented to make people feel weak and stupid.

I know exactly what slalexan is talking about. Some people are missing that "off" switch. And you can't shame them into having one. Then you combine that with the Agribiz contrived junk food, it's a recipe for disaster.

I've lived it. I know how society makes you feel like a moral failure, all the while you use the scale and measuring cups and portions, all the while you know that pittance on the plate simply will not assuage your hunger.

Fortunately, weight loss surgery is more readily available. It won't replace your busted "off" switch, but it HELPS. And before people jump on me and tell me how the surgery can be circumvented, save your breath and your keyboarding fingers. I know already. It isn't a perfect solution. But it's a Helluva lot better than a quack diet, a strict calorie regimen, or harping about willpower.

If you can't or won't try surgery, then read up about the Glycemic Index of foods, read about Insulin Resistance, and then take a serious look at Veganism.

And if anyone mentions "willpower" again, you're gonna get served a soap sandwich.

~fat VOW