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Originally Posted by Face Intentionally Left Blank View Post
That's just cool. I expect you to post back when you make the videos.
Well, I ended up with a third Idiotbox effect that's unusual, as well. It's a Holy Trooper Fuzz. It's got three germanium transistors, no knobs, and is out of production. Since I was fooling around with all three, I decided to make a single video for all of them. So, you asked for it, you got it, Toyota: Three Unusual IdiotBoxes.

I enjoyed the process so much, I plan to make another vid for Mystery Effect of the Month Club pedal #4 (just got it today!). If you have any suggestions, let me know.

I don't have any extensive experience with that interface or the software you got with it, Jack Batty, but recording on a computer is pretty simple. A SM57 and a stand and cable for it will run you about $130 on sale. However, for convenience and so I can work while others are asleep, I usually record electric instruments direct through a cab simulator these days (I used an ancient delay pedal with retty op amps when I went direct before that). I usually just use a tube preamp or distortion into the CabDryVR pedal in the video. In my opinion, it sounds pretty convincing. It's almost as good as a decent engineer with a couple of mics, when you work it right. But for acoustic instruments, it's no help