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So I finished my Polymetric Project a few weeks ago and finally made some placeholder videos for the songs.

Basically, I was inspired by the polymetric parts in the King Crimson song "Discipline."

After some experimenting, I found that I liked when 2 different parts were offset by 2 beats and then on the second part, shifting all the notes 1 space on.

So the first voice might have 16 beats with all the notes on odd numbers, while the second voice might might have 14 beats with all the notes on even numbers. Upon repetition, the 2 voices desync then resync and so on.

I wrote the songs in a sequencer with the idea of translating the parts to guitar. Well, 3 turned out acceptable and 6 I had to redo with synths.

I made a playlist of them and here (hopefully) it is:
Polymetric Project