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Originally Posted by Machinaforce View Post
Thing is that the guy I usually see (like over 4 years) I can’t afford, and I’m not sure about starting from square 1. Last time I talked to one I could afford he was pretty bad.
That's a sucky situation, and I'm sorry that you wound up talking to a therapist you didn't like.

The advice stays the same -- you're clearly profoundly unhappy, and obsessing over religious and philosophical things. Continuing to post about those things here, and picking apart the attempts of people here who try to talk you through things, is highly unlikely to help you at all.

If the last therapist didn't do anything for you, find a different one. What you're looking for isn't something that message board discussions are going to help. For that matter, it seems unlikely that you're going to find the answers from religion (especially since you seem to be convinced that there must be *one* religion out there that's "correct," and you're doomed if you pick wrong). GET PROFESSIONAL HELP.

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