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It amazes me how often I’ve seen the word “is” throughtout this site. Nothing “is”. Things resemble, apeear, or have some qualities of other things, but no thing “IS” another thing. Most grown adults know what “is” means, so most grown adults lie incessantly everyday. “The sky IS blue. The air IS cold. That man IS ugly.” Lies.
Is it also a lie to say that "reality IS illusion"?
They said that thing don’t exist, and that all there really is is consciousness, and that you are alone.
Things do exist. We know that, because things outside consciousness impact us and we can't control them.

Sure, images exist in our minds, and they correspond to external realities to a greater or lesser degree, and the images aren't the same thing as reality. But the disparity doesn't show that reality doesn't exist.

Objects unsupported fall towards the earth's center, because gravity is not just a veil. That's true whether anyone is conscious of it or not. That's why stars shine - because gravity compresses large balls of hydrogen together hard enough to fuse into helium. And that happened long before you or I were aware of it. The light that hits the earth was emitted about eight minutes ago, and the photons took hundreds of thousands of years to work their way from the sun's core to the outside. All that happened before anyone was aware of it.

When the tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, it does make a sound.