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Originally Posted by Machinaforce View Post
Well I can easily dismiss a magic sword because there is no such thing.
Please elaborate: how can you so easily dismiss a magic sword? Because, see, you explained that your problem with stuff like “this world is an illusion” or “nothing that changes or appears is real” is just — as you put it — the fact that someone said it, which drives you mad. So how can you dismiss stuff like “magic swords are real” given, once again, the fact that someone said it?

Just lay out for me how you manage to get this right on some occasions, and maybe that’ll help you figure out how to can get it right on other occasions.

Originally Posted by Machinaforce View Post
As for the nature of reality......
Uh, yes? “As for the nature of reality”, dot dot dot, what?

Here I am, in a world of appearances — where there seem to be walls that it seems I can’t ghost through, but there seem to be doors and I seem able to open them; and that seems to prove useful when I seem to feel hunger, because I seem to make my way to what seems to be food, and it seems to taste delicious sure as it seems to work on what seems to be pain in my belly — and if someone told me all of that was an illusion, then, dot dot dot, what?

Will that info let me ghost through the walls, which aren’t really there? Will I learn of real doors I can really open, possibly to get real food that’ll really taste delicious? Or will I not really need food then, as I’ll know the seeming pain in my belly isn’t real? What do you think really happens if all of our experiences here are, for the sake of argument, revealed to be illusory appearances?