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For the past 10 years or more, my weight has been between 205-210#. I remain consistently below 205#, and last week hit a recent low of 200.6#. Just think that's been pretty crazy, since I've eaten as much as I've wanted, and even splurged on junk whenever it has been available.

Also, my wife is having a colonoscopy tomorrow. That posed a bit of a problem, as for the past couple of days she was supposed to not eat beans, and other fibrous things that had become major parts of our diets. So we had an excuse to eat like we had previously. We had a couple of meat dishes, a pizza one night. Even bought ice cream yesterday since she was going on jello and gatorade today! Punchline? Eating that stuff, we both felt hungrier than we did on our beans, veggies and grains.

I imagine other people's metabolisms and such might work differently, and the restaurants and food companies sure make it easy to eat unhealthy stuff - but it has just been so easy for us to eat less crao and more fiber and veggies.
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