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I just heard about a study on the radio that seems designed to grace this thread:

Here's the punchline:
The study, conducted by researchers at the National Institutes of Health, is the first randomized, controlled trial to show that eating a diet made up of ultra-processed foods actually drives people to overeat and gain weight compared with a diet made up of whole or minimally processed foods. Study participants on the ultra-processed diet ate an average of 508 calories more per day and ended up gaining an average of 2 pounds over a two-week period. People on the unprocessed diet, meanwhile, ended up losing about 2 pounds on average over a two-week period.
I am lucky to have a good "off switch". I'm fat because I gained a lot of weight with each pregnancy, and decided I didn't want to do the work to try to lose it. But other than that, my weight has been stable for decades, despite eating whatever the hell I want. I'm convinced that maintaining weight is just objectively harder for some people than for others.

Fwiw, my diet is less processed than the typical American's, and my husband and I cook a lot of what we eat. But I also have a good intuitive sense of how filling (caloric) different foods are. I remember reading some expose of how many calories were in a Starbucks frappe. Now, I ordered one of those once. It was at an airport, and I was starving because I'd missed supper. And I couldn't finish the thing. I mean, I took it onto the plane with me and then I was stuck holding this drink that I could not bring myself to consume. It was delicious. It was just too filling. Yeah, not surprised to learn that it had enough calories to fuel me for a day.