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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
She has friends who worked on the yearbook so has some detail regarding the actual photo. Hand held upright above the shoulder taken of a yearbook staffer saying okay. No prank intended and no racist message intended. All approved by administrators before going to the printer.
At this point I hope it's not revealing too much information to point out that this incident has made the news.

Oak Park River Forest High School is hurriedly editing its yearbook after a number of students were seen making a potentially racist hand gesture, school officials said this week.

Several photos apparently showed students making a hand symbol in the yearbook, according to school officials, that has been associated with white supremacy as well as a so-called "circle game" popular among children.
I know they're not making any accusations of intent but it's worth noting that the media coverage is reporting multiple examples of the gesture.

The linked article also mentions some of the previous racial incidents in the school. Yikes!