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Two for me, one sort of for others.

My first was two serpents entwined, a variation on the Goddess protection theme. I got it because of the resonance of the AURYN in The Neverending Story, but it's not that image exactly. It's actually from a necklace I had (gave it to my husband later) that I think is based on Viking art, but I'm not sure.

My second was given to me in full ceremony as part of my "reclaiming my Maidenhood" phase. Not a born-again-virginity thing, but a realization that I had skipped over some very important growing-up by having a baby at 18, and I needed to get myself into that mindset for a couple of years before once again being an Archetypal Mother. It's a Goddess-worship Thang. That's around my ankle, reminding me to dance. There will be a Motherhood one above it soon (a ring of fairies, each one progressively more pregnant) and someday a Crone (I have no idea yet what that will be.)

My third was the most intense, but is also the most visible, and the most "for others." But it's also for me. When I realized my calling as Priestess, I had a ceremony which included ritual drumming and this tattoo. It's on my sternum, visible in most necklines. It's a crescent moon and a star - but the star is a cross. It represents my dedication to being "out" as a pagan, by respect for all paths of spirituality, including neopaganism, Christianity and Islam (finding a Jewish symbol for a tattoo seems...well...inconsistent.), and my wililngness to serve others in any Spiritual manner asked. While it was not a bit physically painful, it was horribly emotionally and spiritually draining, and my Ascended Masters literally dragged me to hell and back while I was being marked so I could prove my dedication to this choice. When many neopagans see it, they know something of what it means, and most people ask. I generally say it's a sign of my dedecation as Priestess (or Minister, if I'm talking to a Muggle), and see where the conversation goes. Bar lying, it ensures that people know I'm neopagan and can ask me questions about it. Fighting Ignorance Since 2002!

As for why I need a visual reminder of something I'll never forget? I don't, really. Except that there's moments when I'll forget, momentarily, the important thing, and then catch sight of the reminder, and I know it's time to reflect and meditate. Would I remember again without it? Sure. But this gives me alerts at those times in my life when I most need it.