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Originally Posted by Misnomer
I get what you mean, but I don't think you should be ashamed of anything that you got (or did) with pure intentions. Just my $0.02.
True, and I don't feel TOO badly about it because of that, but I still don't want a politically fishy (as far as my politics go) tattoo on me forever. I've been thinking about just covering it with a big black heart with an arrow going through it, as the shapes kind of match up and I like blocky tattoos in easily recognizable shapes. No detailed linework for me! Plus I saw this girl with a black heart on her wrist and I thought it looked really cool, the combination of a "girly" image and thick black ink. So I think that may be my next skin project, after the typewriter.

As for why I got/want to get tattoos... I just like them. I think they look cool. It's just like asking why I wear my hair shoulder length or why I like pink or why I like shirts with certain images on them. Tattoos don't have any deep spiritual meaning for me, nor do I get them to mark passages in my life; I want to get them because I like the way they look, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Obviously, it's not to make a fashion statement to other people, since none of my tattoos are or will be visible. Maybe it's a bit weird that I want to get one on my back since neither I nor anyone else will see it, but hey, there's always mirrors for that. Actually, seeing as how I am such a perfectionist it's probably best I don't have a tattoo I see all the time, since I would be constantly looking at its many inconsistencies and touching it so much all the ink would rub off. Out of sight, (mostly) out of mind.