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For a while there, my MIL was always giving me kitchen gadgets. Remember the Salad Shooter? Or the hand-held blender wand thingy? yeah.

One that I eventually came to love, tho, is the rotisserie. It sat unused for ages - too big for any of my cabinets, and I had limited counter space. I was ready to toss it, and my spousal unit said "Why not just give it a try?" And I did. And I love it greatly.

Fortunately, that was the last appliance she ever gave me. In fact, we pretty much convinced that whole side of the family to quit gift-giving, and we resorted to white elephant or $10 Bad Santa games, and it was a lot less stress and a lot more fun.

My one sister, on the other hand, goes to a dollar store every year and gives us ornaments, despite me telling her every year for the last 15 that we don't do a tree and we don't decorate. The ornaments end up at the thrift store. And I expect we'll get more this year. She just doesn't listen.