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Originally Posted by Infovore View Post
Short answer: add me to the "anything" column. Pretty much if I want something, I buy it for myself.

Longer answers:

1. Anything related to one of my interests, unless you know me very well. Chances are if you can find it, I've either already got it or don't want it
You nailed it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for stating what has always been the biggest banes of my gift receiving existence. Most people have come around to proper thinking, but my mother still persists in wanting to give me the most inanely generic "stuff" as to my hobbies/avocations.

It was once pointed out to her ( by my father ) that a gift certificate to an automotive restoration parts supplier ( that caters to my specific make/model ) would be a great gift idea for me, but that she nixed giving money or gift certificates as "too impersonal", and then proceeds to buy silly generic automotive accessories from 'Pep Boys' and the like.

Same with movies or music. She'll get me some schlocky blockbuster-ey DVD even though I'm much more "deep" than the mouth breathers that eat up Hollywood schlock.