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dalej42, if you'd like to avoid the unpleasantness at work there are numerous t-shirts on sale with some sort of Halloween motif on them. Perhaps this would make a compromise for you?

We love Halloween at our house. Every year I make new costumes for us and practically run a costume shop for friends and relatives. When the kids were little we dressed up to walk them around the neighborhood and it was a good opportunity to get to know the neighbors.

Now that the malls, with a little help from promoting fear in the general populace, have co-opted Halloween we scarcely get any trick-or-treaters. The only ones who come are the late evening adolescent boys, uncostumed and toting pillowcases to haul their loot. Misses the, uh, spirit of the whole occasion, greedy little rascals.

But reconsider a costume. Just think of what you can get away with when nobody knows who you are!