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Olvidala - a duet in Colombian Vallenato style. The title translants as "Forget her!"

It is an upbeat yet plaintive song, with the lead pining for his lost love and his friend urging him to forget her. I first heard it when I first met my own Colombiana, the now Mrs Iggy. She was a bit horrified that I so liked the song and took the role of the lead when singing it.

The song seems routine enough until the next to last verse when the countering voice starts....
                       Spanish                          Translation
Mira que tú jugaste a dos amores      Look, you played with two loves
Cuando lo eras todo en sus miradas    When you were everything in her eyes
It's a song sung by a lead who is a two timing cheat lamenting that his girlfriend dumped him and moved on to another guy.

My Spanish has much improved since then.

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