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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
The reason nobody suggested that is because it only works at the equinox. At any other time of year, that line will indeed curve. If I were to do it today, for instance, at noon the shadow would be north of the gnomon, and at sunrise and sunset, the shadow would be south of the gnomon. It's tough to make a straight line do that.
Well yeah, I realize that, but do you think it would be enough curvature to matter? If you're not at extreme latitude and you're not near the solstices, it shouldn't be enough of an arc to make a difference in the overall escape plan, I wouldn't think. If you take measurements, say, 3 times at 2 hours apart, the arc is essentially removed, right?

Perhaps I'm wrong and the arc is more pronounced than I give it credit for. Still, we're only using it to orient ourselves, not to calculate any precise coordinates, so that I can convey the island's shape via the chess board description. What am I missing?

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