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And the next:

The Abyss
Enjoyed this 1989 James Cameron sf first-contact adventure all over again. Great cast, interesting story and remarkable undersea scenes.

The Age of Adaline
A charming sf romance about a woman who doesn't age for decades after being zapped by lightning. Harrison Ford plays a former lover of hers (and the guy who plays a young Harrison Ford is uncannily on the mark).

Deconstructing the Beatles: Rubber Soul
Another well-done Scott Freiman album documentary, although some of the songs get short shrift.

Very interesting documentary on the NYT obituary staff, striving to write worthy profiles of their recently-deceased subjects on tight deadlines (ahem).

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Pretty good Harry Potter prequel, set in NYC in the Roaring Twenties, as British magical-animal wrangler and protector Newt Scamander tracks down several escaped critters and finds his true love along the way.