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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
...apparently I'm such a danger to this board that you are forced to say incorrect things about me. Apologies for being so, so dangerous. I'd say you have nothing to fear, but like a poor friendly dog that got caught on the edge of nuclear fallout testing, I probably don't fully understand the extent of the danger I present to others.
The danger you present (IMO) is the same danger that all attractive packaging presents. It is easy to believe you. You're seem like a nice person who cares about people and you certainly sound reasonable and I suspect you are genuinely a nice person, the sort of person I would leave my children to if my wife and I were killed in a car accident. However this makes people believe you just because you believe what you are saying. Even if its wrong.

You are very sincere and earnest but your fuzzy thinking and emotion laden arguments lead you to the conclusions you wanted to reach before you started your inquiry, almost without fail. I mean geez, I like you and if it wasn't for the frustration I feel at someone being wrong on the internet, I'd probably just go along with you too and then we'd both be wrong.