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My first real residence, aside from the parents' house and dorms -- Villa Del Vista apartments in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It was an apartment complex that was apparently slapped up during the boom of the '70s, and the walls were very thin.

Anyhow, I got stuck with a fuirst floor apartment. There were two girls living upstairs, apparently sisters, both very attractive. The one whose bedroom was above mine had a boyfriend who came to visit every night about 11:30 or so, just as I was going to sleep.

You heard the two of them get into their very squeaky bed -- there was an initial jumble of squeaks, then silence. A few more squeaks here and there for about five minutes. Two more ... a short pause ... then a rhythmic "scree scree scree scree," accompanied by very loud moaning and praying ("Oh God ... Oh Lord ... Oh Jesus ... God God ugggggh gruuuungh God uuuughhhuggh")

The scary thing was that I coul hear 'em change positions. The squeaking and banging would stop, there would be about five seconds of random light squeaking, then a different rhythm, with different moaning sounds. About 30 minutes later, it stopped, followed by a toilet flush about 30 or 40 seconds after that. They were good, and this happened every night. However, I was in a strange new town, I knew few people, so hearing a hot babe get it on while I slept alone wasn't a very pleasant experience. When I started dating, I lived in a newer apartment complex with better insulated floors, I had a very quiet bed, and it's unlikely that anyone heard me get it on with Ms Right. Sigh.