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Oh yeah, student living'll do it for ya every time.

I lived in a grungy three-story Victorian terraced house in north London with 7 other students, one of whom was a Polish guy called Marrick (sp?). He had the bedroom next to mine and a 17 year old blonde, vivacious girlfriend. They liked to shag. They shagged for hours in a variety of interesting and intricate ways. Loudly. Marrick was an "Oh god!"-er and she was an "Uh uh uh"-er. They left empty condom packets in the kitchen, i walked in on her kneeling before him while he hurriedly struggled with his zip in the living room, we once came home to discover the dining table upended although we couldn't think why. Marrick also felt the need to show me his priest outfit once too. Interesting.

One evening they had had quite a bit to drink and were being even more vocal than usual. You could hear them from every room in the the house and John, whose room was on the third floor, got thoroughly fed up and marched downstrairs, banged on Marrick's door and shouted at them to "Just shut up, some of us are trying to sleep". They quietened down for a while but were soon obviously enjoying themselves again and I, being the polite soul that i am, decided to write them a note to advise them that they were being more than a little embarressing. So, i wrote the note, slipped it under his door, knocked lightly and retreated to my room. I came out 5 minutes later to find a return note explaining that they were sorry but they were enjoying themselves. What can you say to that? So i left them to it, reasoning that we should all be so lucky to have such exciting sex lives.

and i quite liked listening.