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Well, I'll contribute, but it's not as *ahem* colorful as some of the earlier ones.

I was on vacation, taking a one-man roadtrip across America (from Los Angeles to Louisiana and back, anyway). I pulled into Tuscon AZ on the first night, and -- since I wanted to improvise the trip and didn't make any reservations -- had to hunt around for a motel room, since there was some major convention in town.

I eventually managed to find a cheap room in a broken-down fleabag motel, easily a disgusting place that No Sane Person would stay in if they had a choice. Since I didn't, I soldiered through and made the most of it, catching a shower, reading a little, then settling down for a sleep.

Then, through the paper-thin walls, I heard it. Thumpa ... thumpa ... thumpa ... thumpa ... thumpa. Not very noisy, but distracting as heck, and the girl's throaty moans didn't make it any easier to ignore.

It ends after about twenty minutes. The two chat quietly for a bit, then there's a door slam, and it gets all quiet again. Being bored silly, I considered going outside and asking her if she wanted to *ahem* turn another trick, but decided against it and went to sleep instead.
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