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Originally Posted by ivylass View Post
Heh. Ivygirl was just saying after graduation that she'd have to wet her beret again. She said they hold their shape for about three days.
the beret thing the op mentioned drives me nuts too, plus the way they just plop the insignia where ever, usually dead center of the forehead like some sort of targeting reticule. Holy crap and if there is more than one "soldier" wearing a beret...they could at least try to be consistent from person to person on how they wear the thing.

ivylass, that's weird to me and Mrs. Guest, never had that problem ever with ours. shaved and shaped our berets once and it was good forever. wonder if they changed the material or something at some point. (took an entire day of walking around with wet wool on the head, stroking it periodically to shape it juuuust right)

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