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Originally Posted by Aspenglow View Post
I just don't think that pardon -- or any other -- would ultimately stand. A pardon offered in the commission of a felony, meaning obstruction, would not be a proper pardon. The issue hasn't been litigated but it would be, with a fairly predictable outcome. Manafort must know this. Coupled with his vulnerability to state charges, Manafort really doesn't have a lot of reason to trust or rely on Trump, and Trump doesn't have any reason to pardon Manafort.

If Trump panics and hits the pardon button, I expect him to do it when Kushner or Ivanka is charged.

So re Manafort, I believe the odds are long.

Manafort is 68 or so. All he has to do is tie this up in an appeal process, whether it is related to a pardon or one of the charges. The appeal will probably outlive him and he knows it. A good choice to throw under the bus really.