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Originally Posted by elucidator View Post
Mr Mueller is specifically empowered to follow threads which may, or may not, lead to further things. Like....oh, I dunno, grab something at random laundering. As in, real estate deals that offer extraordinary returns on investment. Kind of returns that only happen to men of astonishing acumen and expertise. Or crooks.

And here is where I expect Il Douche will try to head him off at the pass. Trump will pretend that Mueller was not empowered to investigate such things, even though he clearly was, so long as the evidence arises out of his investigation. 'Course, if he does fire Mueller, then Mueller can just shrug and leave that pile of evidence just lying around, so that another state or federal investigator can pick it up.

Forfeiture, fines, liens, confiscation. Oh, my! Then let a subtle hint drop, a whisper, a wink, that if he weren't actually President any longer, maybe the hounds when not hound him quite so fervently, maybe a few of these problems might just wilt away. Can't keep all of that money, wouldn't be right, not the done thing. But maybe some. How much may depend on how quickly and sincerely he cooperates. Don't want to see him shopping for his dinner at Dollar Store.

Well, 'struth, I do, but I'm a vindictive and cruel sumbitch.

Sign right there, "Mr President". Justice Roberts and VP Pence are in the next room, with a Bible, all set to go. If you want to show the reporters your huge signature again, that will be fine. Or not, up to you. Mr. Trump.

Adios, motherfucker!
To get rid of Trump, congress & senate will have to act. Unless that happen ;Trump will pardon all his cronies and find some way to get rid of Mueller. Every shred of decency has long ago left the man so there is really nothing stopping him.