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Originally Posted by Richard Parker View Post
Comparing individual Supreme Court justices is a problem because a lot has changed about partisan politics decade-by-decade. Similarly, when you have a sample size of six, it is hard to make meaningful comparisons because the individuals are very different. Thomas and Kavanaugh had genuine problems, apart from ideology.

A far better test of this theory that Democrats are more ideological as to judges would be to look at Court of Appeals nominations instead of the far less frequent and more noisy Supreme Court nominations. What do you think that test shows?

Conservative media has been far more obsessed with judicial nominations than liberal media. A typical Hannity-watcher knows who Michael Luttig is. Few Maddow-watchers know who Goodwin Liu is. So I suspect that many conservatives have some degree of confirmation bias about which party is fighting tooth-and-nail to control the courts.
From the super die hard Trumpy fan people I talk to, I would agree with this assessment. The people that I know that voted Trump because they felt screwed and wanted someone to shake up the government, they don't care about the courts or know anyone on the Supreme Court. Those seem to be the two different sets of Trump supporters that I encounter in my daily life. The first kind still like him and are happy, the second kind range from mild regret for voting for him to "feeling screwed by another rich asshole."

The court watching Trump folks seem to think that "their guys" on the court are going to take away Roe or keep gun laws loose. That seems to be what they care about as far as I can tell. They don't show much interest about the Citizens United case or religious exemptions or anything else. The second group of Trump voters that I encounter don't really seem to care about the court picks one way or the other.
I promise itís not as bad or as good as you think it is.

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