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Originally Posted by XT View Post
What's really funny about the OPs line of thinking on this is that both Russia and China (ironically using stolen plans and a design cribbed, badly, from the F-35 ) are trying to develop 5th gen fighters as well (so are several other countries, though many US allies are pooling their efforts into F-35)...yet the OP thinks he knows better than not just the US but all these other countries too.

If the OP is correct then why would anyone bother developing any advanced military equipment? I mean, just retread the old stuff since it's good enough to deal with low scale opponents and simply put money into nuclear weapons, since they are the only weapon that would matter against top tier countries. Why can't literally every top tier nation see this obvious, to the OP, truth??
Because the right people were bribed? Remember that this is Lockheed we're talking about. They are known for this. Way back when, they managed to get half of europe to buy the crap Starfighter.
It was also sold to the politicians with the idea that those 'allies' would share in the production of this plane, thus creating jobs.