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Originally Posted by Amateur Barbarian View Post
The F-35 has managed to surpass the B-1 and the Abrams tank as an example of something that any fool watching the parade can see is going to have about a one-week lifespan in anything but the very controlled wars of the last forty years.
Originally Posted by Amateur Barbarian View Post
I'm talking about a real war, not a regional conflict where we can stand off and throw high-tech rocks all day, and weep over combat losses a fraction of a percent of the enemy's. But of course that will never happen again.
You know, I knew this had to be where you were going when you said the Abrams would have a one week life-span and any fool could see it. I've got news for you: if you're talking about a 'real' war ala thousands of Warsaw Pact tanks punching at the Fulda Gap, nothing is going to have an average life span of more than about a week. Even if weapons systems could survive for longer in such a massive conventional conflict, it's ultimately irrelevant since the nukes are going to start flying; probably before the first week is even up. The cost-effective way to stop a massive armored assault in a 'real' war isn't to put M-1s in the way to slug it out with T-64/72/80s. You just drop pop nuclear warheads over those massive tank columns. Better yet you explode nuclear warheads over the cities where the civilians in the country that made those tanks live. The Abrams hasn't been without its flaws, but it has performed exceedingly well in every conflict it has seen action in. I for one would much rather be a crewman in an Abrams with its extreme emphasis on crew survivability even if the tank is so badly disabled that it becomes a total write-off than a crewman on one of those former Soviet T-series deathtraps where anything penetrating the turret and crew compartment is very likely to set off all the stored ammunition and send the turret flying 40 feet into the air.