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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
The Gilmore memo says 3F may not be complete by the end of SDD is 2018. Where do you get the idea that it will "never be delivered?"
It was in my original post. The capabilities in Block3F simply may not be possible with the currently specced computers embedded in the F35. What they are attempting to deliver with the helmet is processing a massive amount of sensor data in realtime and with very high reliability rate, it needs a huge amount of processing power, probably something on the order of at least 10-12 top spec Xeon's, but of course they can't just use off the shelf CPU's everything has to be aerospace spec and probably hardened against EMP as well. Boosting the processing power means a major re-design as weight, space, power and heat are all already constrained in the F-35.

Now I am only saying this as a possibility, not a certainty, but I cannot think of any other likely reason for the ridiculous software delays. It's all too easy to imagine a situation where programmers in the trenches have already tried to make the case for a re-spec and no one listens so they keep trying to deliver something that's just not possible on the current hardware.

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