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Originally Posted by Jack Batty View Post
I'm having the same problems. In fact, it may be time I give up action video games for good. I spent money on this game, against my better judgement - I need the cash, but I have splurged on anything in a while. I digress.

I'm so bad at this game, that I'm about two or three hours of gameplay into it and I'm ready to bring it back and trade it in for Barbie's Horse Grooming or something. I have the setting down to easy and I die on the average of every two or three minutes. I'm talking just walking around, not even doing missions. Missions? Forget it. I have not completed one on the first try yet. I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out where I was supposed to escort Resistance fighters to, and when I got there, they were all dead inside of 30 seconds and the mission failed. Start over. I don't fucking think so.

The world looks amazing, I just wish I could enjoy it.

I'll take my anti-asshole medication and give it another shot, but so far I'm feeling a little foolish for throwing away the bucks.
I'm enjoying it more now. I've stopped focusing on the main missions and now just focus on the side missions. I've gone fishing a few times; I've enjoyed that.

What helped most was following CubsFan's advice from above:
Originally Posted by Cubsfan

3) Tip 1: save your perk points until you have 8 saved up. This will let you unlock the holster which allows you to carry an extra weapon.

5) Tip 2: save some cash and upgrade an assault rifle to a sniper rifle ASAP. Put a long range scope, suppressor and extended magazine on it.

6) Boomer is very useful. Actually most of the AI partners behave in a reasonable fashion and are useful.

8) I never get tired of capturing outposts in Farcry games and this one is no different. Lotta fun.
My comments on CubsFan's advice:
3) Having the extra slot is a huge deal; because the pistol so far to me has been useless.
5) So far I've just upgraded a scope, and it's made all the difference in the world (See my #9 below
6) Boomer is so helpful, once I learned how to use him. On PS4, aim at a NPC, and press left direction pad, and Boomer attacks the soldier. Awesome.
8) I too love capturing outposts. My advice to anybody struggling is not allow the fight on their terms. Fight them on YOUR terms. IOW. Guerrilla warfare. Sneak up on an outpost encampment and 'tag' as many bad guys as you can; preferably from higher ground. If you've upgraded your scope on a rifle, and/or use the bow for silent kills; you can get rid of most of the NPCs fairly easily.