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Eh, it's a Far Cry story. People going into it expecting a treatise on American rural gun culture/religion/patriotism/poverty/etc are going to be disappointed. Anyone else is going to be treated to a handful of charismatic smooth talking bad guys who try to blend a couple good points into their evilness. It's not amazing writing and they're still trying to find someone as memorable as Vaas from FC3 but then the second villian from FC3 was so dull I don't remember anything about him. So this is better story telling than 50% of FC3

Some people make political points but the story itself isn't political. You have one guy saying of the "man in charge" that "He's not an idiot. He builds skyscrapers" and you have a villain defending their predictions of a Collapse by asking if you've seen the man in charge. It's an apocalyptic religious cult but it's not Christian, having its own holy text written by their leader.

It's good enough to hang the game on and have some entertaining cut scenes which is about standard for a Far Cry game. There are also, of course, a bajillion side quests and voluntary missions with their own little tales to tell, some amusing and some just an excuse to reach Point B and grab some cash.

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