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Capturing outposts keeps coming up as a thing that Far Cry does well. I've noticed that too. What makes those missions stand out a head above the others?

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I've been excited about this for a long time. I've been a fan of the game's predecessors; even the Primal one. On thing I have noticed more and more is that I'm getting older; and I am able to be aware of my reflexes getting slower. It sucks. I'm 56. I I'm playing on a PS4; and my aiming sucks. I swoop left to shoot, and move past my target, swoop right to adjust, and I move past my target. Continue on until I get killed. Old gramps here might have to switch to easy. So far I'm having fun with it.

That might just be the console controller. I tried playing Battlefield on someone's console and had the same problems of overshooting targets. Well, over-correcting because I definitely didn't shoot them at all.