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Work Crapbox
HP Compaq 6005 Pro (estimated to have been purchased in 2011), Windows 7 Enterprise(?), AMD Athlon II 3.20 GHz, 10 GB RAM (only because I scavenged enough to fill the available slots), 250 GB hard drive, one optical drive, failing ATI FireMV 2250 graphics card. Numerous attempts have been made to replace the graphics card, but with its 240 W power supply, this computer is incapable of running anything new, and I'm not about to spend my own money on a refurbished card.

Windows 10 box
HP Envy 700qe, Windows 10 Pro, Intel i7-4470 3.4 GHz, 12 GB RAM, 2 TB hard drive, 2 GB AMD Radeon R7, one optical drive. Currently connected to the TV in the living room. Spending two weeks running this from the command line following a post-update database failure (which ultimately required a factory reset to fix) led me to purchase:

My everyday-use home computer
27" iMac, 3.8 Ghz Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 2.12 TB Fusion drive, Radeon Pro 580, no optical drive. Currently running 10.13.6. Has no problem syncing with my ancient iPod.

Ubuntu box
HP Pavilion 170t, Intel i7-860 dual core, 8 GB RAM, two optical drives, some kind of slot designed for a specific type of HP external hard drive that I never owned. The computer shipped with a 1 TB hard drive that failed just after the warranty ran out; currently, there's an 80 GB hard drive installed, because that's all I had laying around the house. The wireless internet connection is achieved through an old TiVo wireless point plugged into the ethernet port; the operating system sees this as a wired connection. This is more of a hobby computer to give me a chance to play with Linux, although it also serves as a DVD/streaming service player for the upstairs TV.

I also have my old college laptop upstairs; it's a Dell running Windows XP. It also has loads of cheap student-edition software on it, so it would still be fun to play with (even if it doesn't connect to the internet). I haven't turned it on in years though.