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Originally Posted by missred View Post
bumba, that's just a bit more than I pay for the Kroger strips ($22 for 100). I may check into that as an option though.
Well my pharmacy, which is the cheapest place for me to buy drugs (I checked), wanted over $1.00 per strip. I figgered 25 cents a strip was pretty good. I'll have to go check at Freddies (Kroger bought it after Fred died). But if I need to buy a new reader to use their strips it may be a wash.

Originally Posted by Spiderman View Post
Stoopit allergies; Immabout ready to take a gun to my nose.
"You'll shoot your nose off, kid!"

Originally Posted by The Stainless Steel Rat View Post
And heck, Ford and Carter didn't remember much of their terms either....
Carter was(is) a very good man and very smart. He was just too nice for Washington and they ran all over him. As for Ford? Ford who?

Originally Posted by Sticks and Scones View Post
Oh, forgot to mention in the midst of the chaos having to leave and getting fitted with a 24 hour heart monitor for the pesky heart palpitations that Iíve been having lately.
Hope the docs get you sorted.

Originally Posted by swampbear View Post
I am left handed and have the handwritin' of a serial killer. When I write in cursive I expect a SWAT team to show up. However, I can print fairly neatly.
I have to print everything. People can't read my printing either.

My fitbit thinks I slept 3hrs 50min last night. It's gonna be a real productive day.