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Javid is probably the best of the major candidates. He did well in the private sector. He hasn't really put a foot wrong politically - granted he's been over-ruled a couple of times (e.g. BDS) but politically his actions went down well with the target audiences. The problem is that he is a Remainer.
According to your link, he was a not-very-committed Remainer, but now is firmly in the Leave camp.

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Javid was an advocate for an EU referendum[16] and pro-Brexit Tories had long assumed Javid would join the Leave campaign, but in the end he backed Remain. He was never seen as very committed to that cause and has since come out as a firm Leaver.[147] Whilst Javid insists this was not as a result of pressure from either David Cameron or George Osborne, the FT revealed Osborne "got the thumbscrews out" because it would have been completely unacceptable for a Conservative Business Secretary to have advocated Brexit.[48]

Javid has maintained his position that politicians should respect the result of the referendum, and when judges ruled that the PM could not trigger the formal Brexit process without Parliament's backing, Javid accused British High Court judges of attempting to thwart the will of the British people.[148]

Javid has made it clear since the referendum that he is sceptical of softer Brexit options such as remaining in the customs union, saying the free trade area was an “intrinsic” part of the European Union and that voters had given “clear instructions” when they voted to Leave.[147] Javid's comments drew criticism from CBI.[149]

Javid is known to have historically held Eurosceptic views; as a student in 1990 he was thrown out of the Conservative party conference for handing out leaflets opposing Britain joining the Exchange Rate Mechanism, a forerunner of the single currency.[11]