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Scooped by everyone. :-(

I grew up there, and went to Cornell, but I haven't lived there since the 90s.

In the summer, if you see a sign for a chicken barbecue, or smell a delicious cooking smell wafting down the "highway" - pull over and eat some chicken! It's soooo delicious!!
I'd quibble with the article author's "all of upstate New York" assertion, as it seems to me more localized to Central and Western NY with a big concentration in the Finger Lakes.
The chicken bbqs are pretty much always fund raisers for this or that. Very common for the volunteer firemen to be selling chicken.

I so miss the smell of summer in the Ithaca area - chicken!

I make Cornell recipe chicken at home but it's not the same as that serendipitous hasty "omg chicken! pull over!" moment on a summer day.