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We have huge machines automating much of our farm work and robots fill many factories, and Utopia isn't anywhere in sight. It's not technology that's holding us back at this point. There needs to be some sort of drastic social change for anything like the above to happen.
What evil lurks in the heart of man? (The shadow)
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I pondered this a long while back. Especially in the face of finite natural resources, the default outcome (as we observe) is chaotic and unsatisfactory. In the absence of economic drivers, only powerful social controls can save us from ourselves. The army motto "Be all you can be!" is to the point. The naturally talented 10%in any line of endeavor might be able to discipline themselves, but the rest of us are going to need strong social programming. In addition, some captivating social goal(s) (Survival of the human race! . . .) would be needed to keep the herd moving.

If we are not to succumb to chaos and misery, I could envision an array of quasi-military organizations (like the CCC or monastic or Masonic orders) that could achieve appreciable results, provide for distribution of the goodies, and develop the potential of their members.

Perhaps the criterion for graduation would be the demonstrated capacity for artistic or academic self-discipline. Of course, there would be a lot of Professional Students. Maybe only a few would graduate.

Yep, pretty commie. Except more like a combination of Hitler Youth and a large university.


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