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Originally Posted by Inigo Montoya View Post
Nevertheless I think your post is a useful example of why the OP book is unlikely to fix the antivax problem in short order. People have always "just known" stuff, and enduring the illuminating machinery of logic is often more painful to endure than clinging to being wrong.
You are right, which is why we didn't write the book for the anti-vaccine movement. They won't be convinced, they won't be moved, and they won't read it anyway. We wrote it for parents who've "heard things" about vaccines, and just aren't sure what the deal is about them. We addressed the major anti-vaccine myths and talked about where they came from, why they're being perpetuated, and what the science says about them. That way, we're hopeful that those parents who aren't anti-vax but are confused can get the scientifically valid information.