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Originally Posted by LavenderBlue View Post
Good luck!

I'll be at the Roseland, NJ public library on the 19th to talk about the book.
I'm just quoting this to remind New Jersey fans of this upcoming event.

Also, I have a presentation to healthcare providers and CCIC members today at Children's Hospital of Colorado.

Monday, I have a presentation to the Immunization Delivery Research Group at the Anschutz Center at CHC.

We've been invited to do a series of op-eds and contributions to various publications and will post those links when they are available.

Originally Posted by SkeptiJess View Post
Wow. I listened to the Skeptically Speaking interview on the day it came out, enjoyed it thoroughly, and added the book to my Nook wishlist, all without knowing it was authored by Dopers!

I haven't been around much lately, but just happened to pop in today and notice this good news and I felt I needed to come in and give you both big congratulations. Once I read the book, I'll be sure to post reviews on both Amazon & B&N. Good for you both fighting the good fight!
Thank you for your kind words on the podcast! We enjoyed speaking to Desiree very much.

And thank you for the good reviews on Amazon. My understanding is that rankings in keyword searches use an algorithm that incorporates numbers of reviews, and we want to get our book higher up in the search results to counter the anti-vax/anti-science results.

Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
Along the lines here is this:

For the very bad book “Vaccine Epidemic”. What’s sad is that there are nearly 70 rave ***** reviews for this lying dogshit book. It’s also outselling our OP’s fine book by quite a bit.
That book enrages us.

Originally Posted by Washoe View Post
If I buy a copy, do I still owe you the chocolate?
You owe us chocolate?

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