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Originally Posted by brickbacon View Post
My question was, if the cops intended to massage Jay's story, why would they get him on the record telling conflicting stories? Even if they slowly reached that point, why would they document his earlier different stories?

This is incorrect. Adnan was always the target as far as the police questioning Jay. The only reason they contacted him and Jenn was because they were called from Adnan's phone.

But why keep all the "rough drafts" if they knowingly are setting up a better interview.
Early witness interviews aren't necessarily the same sort of animal as the later interviews that are used to construct final evidence. They're not necessarily treated like "rough drafts."

And just because misbehavior isn't accomplished with perfect precision doesn't mean that it isn't misbehavior.

There are things such as chains of evidence. It's not always possible to make evidence disappear easily after it has been created, especially if someone else already knows about it.

And it is always possible that the cops have enough experience to know that a few faltering recordings aren't necessarily enough to sink the final set-up.

None of this has anything to do with whether that's actually what happened in this case. It's just clear to me that the unrecorded interviews were unrecorded because the cops were helping Jay get his final story straight. Whether that final story was falsely constructed is a different issue, but the suspicion that this missing time creates is a reason that we shouldn't allow it.